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The Randolph Difference

Building on Randolph College’s notable literary tradition, which includes a Nobel Prize winner, Pulitzer Prize winners, New York Times Bestsellers, and much more, our M.F.A. program is committed to providing an exceptional faculty, an individualized education, and a lifetime of support.

Exceptional Faculty

We provide our students with a diverse faculty of award-winning writers who have demonstrated a talent and love for teaching.

Our faculty are committed to mentoring students with a spirit of rigorous compassion. In residency workshops and during the semester, their goal is to establish an environment which challenges students on the level of craft and critical analysis, while also challenging students to engage contexts of inclusion, of history, and of diverse perspectives.

Our faculty are actively shaping literature and culture. Their work appears regularly in magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and books—they are at the forefront of contemporary publishing and well-equipped to prepare you for the evolving landscape of publishing.

Individualized Education

Before arriving for the first residency session, we begin working with you to form a personalized, strategic, writing plan, in order to provide some initial direction to your journey as literary artist.

The goal is for us to learn more about your artistic needs and passions, and then see how we can provide the most useful academic/artistic experience. We can work to help you build a novel or collection, or we can encourage you to push against the boundaries of form and genre. We welcome experimentation!

In our program, you will grow and evolve as a writer, and we will regularly work with you to assess your goals and assure that your writing plan serves you.

A Two-Year Program with a Lifetime of Support 

While much of the writing life happens between the individual and a page, much more happens in communities of supportive artists—we’re here to support you now and long after you have earned your degree.

For as long as we can remain helpful to you, we will provide you regular resources, access, advice, and support.

The Randolph College motto is Vita Abundantior, the life more abundant. We believe that your life and ours will be more abundant as we learn and grow together.

Join the new Randolph College M.F.A. program and let us demonstrate our commitment to your literary journey.